Foundations as ‘astronomical objects’


The direct and indirect influence that larger foundations might have on their wider context is picked up in today’s image of philanthropy: “[F]oundations are like astronomical objects — the larger [...]

Foundations as ‘astronomical objects’2018-12-03T17:33:24+00:00

Community foundations as ‘amoebae’


Today’s image of philanthropy could be applied to different foundation sectors across the globe. However, it is taken from the European Community Foundation Initiative’s Guide to Community Foundations in Europe; [...]

Community foundations as ‘amoebae’2018-12-17T13:24:35+00:00

Philanthropy as ‘a pebble in a pond’


Today’s image of philanthropy focuses on philanthropy’s potential to act as a catalyst and create far reaching ‘ripples’. This is nicely illustrated by the idea that philanthropy is like ‘a [...]

Philanthropy as ‘a pebble in a pond’2018-12-03T16:45:43+00:00

Foundation executives as ‘artful jugglers’


Managing a foundation is a complex task. This is highlighted in today’s image of philanthropy. Examining foundation CEOs’ tasks, activities and requirements, Fay Twersky, Director of the Effective Philanthropy Group [...]

Foundation executives as ‘artful jugglers’2018-12-16T10:24:37+00:00

Philanthropy as ‘war’


Today’s image of philanthropy provides another critical voice levelled at prominent ideas around philanthropic effectiveness and impact. It comes from a chapter by Peter Frumkin entitled Central Problems in Philanthropy: [...]

Philanthropy as ‘war’2018-12-12T09:29:47+00:00

Philanthropy is like ‘farming’


The idea that philanthropy should be more like business is prominent and problematic. Today’s image of philanthropy highlights one of the inherent tension between the two areas. As Güler Sabanci, [...]

Philanthropy is like ‘farming’2018-12-03T12:47:48+00:00

Philanthropy as ‘tug boat’


Today’s image of philanthropy looks at the role of philanthropy and its relationship to the public and private sector. Reporting insights and reflections from Stephen Heintz’s, President of the Rockefeller [...]

Philanthropy as ‘tug boat’2018-12-12T09:27:40+00:00

Criticising old philanthropy as akin to criticising the post office


Today’s image of philanthropy is taken from the blog of Occam Advisors and geared towards critics of ‘old’ philanthropy: “Criticizing old-line philanthropy is like criticizing the post office, or Amtrak [...]

Criticising old philanthropy as akin to criticising the post office2018-12-11T16:41:46+00:00

Philanthropy as ’empire’


Today’s image of philanthropy goes back to the late Georgian period. It focuses on Britannia herself: philanthropy as an empire. The idea comes from William Seward Hall’s Dramatic Poem ‘The Empire [...]

Philanthropy as ’empire’2018-12-10T13:35:13+00:00

Foundations as ‘giraffes’


Foundations as ‘giraffes’? Originally, this image comes from what is probably the most well-known opening paragraph of any book on foundations, Nielsen’s The Big Foundations: ‘In the great jungle of [...]

Foundations as ‘giraffes’2018-12-09T21:05:58+00:00
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