21 12, 2018

Trusts as ‘underground rivers’


Today's image of philanthropy raises questions about the visibility and understanding of foundations and their activities. As Anthony Sampson stated: [...]

Trusts as ‘underground rivers’2018-12-20T10:07:50+01:00
19 12, 2018

Foundations as ‘astronomical objects’


The direct and indirect influence that larger foundations might have on their wider context is picked up in today’s image [...]

Foundations as ‘astronomical objects’2018-12-03T17:33:24+01:00
18 12, 2018

Community foundations as ‘amoebae’


Today’s image of philanthropy could be applied to different foundation sectors across the globe. However, it is taken from the [...]

Community foundations as ‘amoebae’2018-12-17T13:24:35+01:00
17 12, 2018

Philanthropy as ‘a pebble in a pond’


Today’s image of philanthropy focuses on philanthropy’s potential to act as a catalyst and create far reaching ‘ripples’. This is [...]

Philanthropy as ‘a pebble in a pond’2018-12-03T16:45:43+01:00
16 12, 2018

Foundation executives as ‘artful jugglers’


Managing a foundation is a complex task. This is highlighted in today’s image of philanthropy. Examining foundation CEOs’ tasks, activities [...]

Foundation executives as ‘artful jugglers’2018-12-16T10:24:37+01:00
15 12, 2018

Philanthropy as ‘war’


Today’s image of philanthropy provides another critical voice levelled at prominent ideas around philanthropic effectiveness and impact. It comes from [...]

Philanthropy as ‘war’2018-12-12T09:29:47+01:00
14 12, 2018

Philanthropy is like ‘farming’


The idea that philanthropy should be more like business is prominent and problematic. Today’s image of philanthropy highlights one of [...]

Philanthropy is like ‘farming’2018-12-03T12:47:48+01:00
13 12, 2018

Philanthropy as ‘tug boat’


Today’s image of philanthropy looks at the role of philanthropy and its relationship to the public and private sector. Reporting [...]

Philanthropy as ‘tug boat’2018-12-12T09:27:40+01:00
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