10 12, 2018

Foundations as ‘giraffes’


Foundations as ‘giraffes’? Originally, this image comes from what is probably the most well-known opening paragraph of any book on [...]

Foundations as ‘giraffes’2018-12-09T21:05:58+01:00
9 12, 2018

Philanthropy as being like ‘the sea’


Highlighting the diversity of philanthropy, today’s image was put forward by UK philanthropy consultant Juliet Valdinger. She writes: ‘Philanthropy is [...]

Philanthropy as being like ‘the sea’2018-12-04T09:42:28+01:00
8 12, 2018

Philanthropy as ‘a laboratory’


One month and 117 years ago today, Andrew Carnegie was elected Rector of the University of St Andrews. Announcing the [...]

Philanthropy as ‘a laboratory’2018-12-05T12:21:23+01:00
7 12, 2018

Trusts as ‘toothpaste tubes’


Barry Haimo of Haimo Law tries to bring a breath of fresh air to the discourse on trusts by explaining [...]

Trusts as ‘toothpaste tubes’2018-12-05T11:05:56+01:00
6 12, 2018

Foundations as ‘Santa Claus’


With a number of European countries celebrating Saint Nicholas Day on the 6th of December, today’s image of philanthropy picks [...]

Foundations as ‘Santa Claus’2018-12-05T10:50:56+01:00
3 12, 2018

Philanthropy is like ‘acupuncture’


Our third image of philanthropy is the idea that ‘philanthropy is like acupuncture’. This has been put forward by a [...]

Philanthropy is like ‘acupuncture’2018-12-03T11:52:43+01:00
2 12, 2018

Trusts as ‘extraordinary drugs’


For our second image of philanthropy, we look at the organisational form of the trust; we go back to the [...]

Trusts as ‘extraordinary drugs’2018-12-03T11:55:47+01:00
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