With a number of European countries celebrating Saint Nicholas Day on the 6th of December, today’s image of philanthropy picks up that theme: foundations as the institutional equivalent of ’Santa Claus’. This was the conclusion reached by Rick Hess when reflecting on his experience looking at education philanthropy and ending up ‘on the naughty list’:
“I eventually learned that foundations operate a lot like Santa Claus, with goodies to give away and an attentive eye as to who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.”

Hess, R. (2018). How Education Philanthropy Can Accidentally Promote Groupthink and Bandwagonism. Retrieved from http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/rick_hess_straight_up/2018/07/how_education_philanthropy_can_accidentally_promote_groupthink_and_bandwagonism.html?cmp=soc-tw-shr


Drawing on some of the findings from our ‘Images of Philanthropy’ Initiative, each entry in this accompanying blog series introduces one image that has been put forward in an academic or non-academic context to depict or characterise an aspect of philanthropy in its different forms and expressions.

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