Project Description

Providing foundations: philanthropy, global policy and administration

Tobias Jung and Jenny Harrow

in Stone, D and K Moloney (eds.) (2019) The Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration, Oxford University Press: Oxford

Abstract: Philanthropy is gaining renewed policy prominence. Focusing on the institutional expressions of philanthropy – philanthropic foundations – this chapter critically explores foundations’ various contributions to, and roles in, global policy. Emphasising the need to move beyond traditional perspectives, dominant focal points and well-established questions around philanthropy, the chapter argues for more synthesised, critically reflective, engagement with philanthropy in global policy research. To this end, the importance of examining historic antecedents of contemporary developments in philanthropy and the need for a stronger evidence-base are outlined. The chapter concludes by discussing the spectrum of research opportunities philanthropy provides for the global policy and transnational administration field.

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