Current Research Themes

Our research focuses on the three overarching themes of: Philanthropy & Society; Exploring Public Good; Philanthropy: knowledge, discourse practice.

Philanthropy & Society

Questions include:

  • How do philanthropy and society interact? What is their relationship? How is it developing?
  • What are the visible and invisible expressions, characteristics and activities of philanthropy?
  • What are the effects, impact and outcomes of philanthropic activities?

Exploring Public Good

Questions include:

  • What is public good? What are its different facets? How is the idea of public good evolving and changing?
  • What is needed for achieving public good? Which areas/services provide public good? What role do philanthropic organisations play in the provision of public good?
  • How can we measure/assess public good? Should we? What are the implications of metrics in achieving outcomes/ public good? How do we choose and prioritise different forms of public good?

Philanthropy: knowledge, discourse, practice

Questions include:

  • What are the individual and organizational expressions and motives of philanthropic activities? What are the theories, concepts and sites of philanthropy?
  • What is the story of philanthropy? How are philanthropic practices changing and developing? How does philanthropy play out in different contexts?
  • How does one do philanthropy? What lessons, insights and opportunities exist and how can these be shared? How does one undertake research on or with philanthropists and philanthropic organisations?

If you would like to support or get involved in the research or activities of the Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good, please get in touch.