In this public lecture, delivered on 28th November 2017 in St Andrews, Dr Susan Wilkinson Maposa, author of “The Poor Philanthropist: how and why the poor help each other”, examines alternative forms of philanthropy and their relevance for addressing contemporary challenges in developing and mobilising community resources.

Drawing on over a decade of research across Africa, Dr Wilkinson Maposa’s addresses: What is ‘poor philanthropy’? How does this perspective contribute to understanding ‘African philanthropy’ as opposed to ‘Philanthropy in Africa’? What is the murky side of poor philanthropy and where is the light in its future outlook and prospects? Can ‘poor philanthropy’ be used to advance the call to ‘shift the power’ in development assistance towards communities? What lessons do these insights offer for mobilising and strengthening communities in Scotland, the UK, and beyond?

Dr Susan Wilkinson Maposa’s Visiting Fellowship at the University of St Andrews’ Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good and the Annual Philanthropy Talk 2017 were made possible as part of a Legacy Grant from The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.